During our session, you had me speechless, it was like you looked right into my soul and instantly I felt so much compassion for the life I have had. You were so right on with everything. My money situation changed immediately. The very next morning, I had an extra $2200 in my bank. I love my niche. I already have several good sized jobs lined up. The calls keep coming in!
-Heather Clinkenbeard
Melissa used her intuitive guidance with humor and laser sharp focus to help me define my niche in a way that felt connected to my authentic passion. She was also able to support me in creating a frame for my business based on the gifts I bring to my people.

I now have more clarity and confidence and will continue to use what I have learned for many years to come. 
-Annick Chénier
Mellissa is my Spiritual advisor.
She's incredible. She's a rock of truth.
She keeps me 200% authentic.

No matter what stage of this-world success you currently have, Mellissa can help you create the life you dream about without losing your mind, your money, or your meaning.
-Lauryn Ballesteros
Mellissa brought together all of the pieces of my life and skills that I’ve wrestled to combine for years – and all combined into a path that I would never have thought of!
-Linda Williams
I’m most happy about 3 things after working with Mellissa:
1. I now understand who I am and what my soul purpose is,
 2. I was cleared spiritually of what has felt like a curse that kept me stuck,
 3. and - I learned what my gateway NICHE is so I can create a real vision for my business.

-Sarah Mitchell
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